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What is BK8 Affiliate Program

What is BK8 Affiliate?

BK8 Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that specializes in the gaming industry. It is a lucrative market that is still untapped. BK8 Affiliate is involved in selling gaming services and products such as sportsbooks, slots, live casinos and lots more. Over 500 partners around the world are associated with the BK8 Affiliate platformBK8 Affiliate is equipped with some of the best affiliate managers out there, who would always welcome new members and help them earn more with lots of strategies.

Why BK8 Affiliate?

With BK8 Affiliate, you don’t have to work on multiple niches. Thus, you get to focus your effort and time on a single niche, which is gaming. In this way, you’ll have more time to create highly engaging content or ads to bring traffic to BK8 through your affiliate links. Undoubtedly, BK8 Affiliate is a fast and easy means to earn passively. More importantly, you don’t have to pay any fee to join the BK8 Affiliate. You simply have to sign up and secure your approval. Also, the registration process is seamless and quick. Besides, the platform works with a responsive support team that will guide you through the process. In fact, BK8 is ready to help you develop into a smart and top-paid affiliate marketer. On the site, you’ll come across an exclusive affiliate manager coaching program. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or not, you’ll find social media marketing support quite useful. They will show you how to begin and how to get your affiliate links across a broad audience. Additionally, the platform holds a vast database for promotional material. From the materials, you can learn about how to become a professional affiliate marketer using effective strategies. Without any doubt, the site is an excellent source of passive income. BK8 Affiliate offers a significant possible return in affiliate marketing. Besides, considering that you are focusing on a specific niche, you don’t have to expend excess energy on securing a stable online earning. More so, you’ll get a good chance to grow your affiliate skill and get rewarded massively.

BK8 Affiliate Rates

BK8 determined to provide partners the most attractive affiliate programs. BK8 affiliate program offer fixed 40% revenue share commission to affiliates.

Get started with BK8 affiliate program:

  • Earn fixed 40% Commission with minimum refer 5 active players (actively playing on our platform)
  • IDN Poker and T7 games excluded in BK8 commission calculations.
  • Negative commission will carry forward to the following month.
  • Affiliate commission calculation based on net revenue generated from members
  • Net revenue definition: Gross revenue – members bonus – platform cost (transaction & royalty fees)
  • Commission calculation:
    (Gross revenue – members bonus – platform cost) x 40% Commission rate

Positive Revenue
Total gross revenue = USD 16,500
– Member’s bonus USD 500
– Platform cost USD 1,000
Commission = (Gross revenue – members bonus – platform cost) x Commission rate %
(USD 16,500 – USD 500 – USD 1,000) x 40% = USD 6,000 (Commission)

Negative Revenue
Total gross revenue = USD – 15,000
– Member’s bonus USD 500
– Platform cost USD 1,000
Commission = (Gross revenue – members bonus – platform cost) x Commission rate %
(USD -15,000 – USD 500 – USD 1,000) x 40% = USD – 6,600 (Carry forward to next month)

Sub-Affiliates Commission

BK8 encourages affiliates partners to expand their business and increase more opportunities to earn money! Start referring a sub-affiliate, earn an additional 10% of their commission. The more sub-affiliates you refer, the more commission you get!

BK8 Affiliate Commision Rate Example

How To Sign Up As A BK8 Affiliate

Becoming a BK8 Affiliate is very free and easy, all you need to do is complete the registration form online.

Next, wait to be contacted for at least three business days to show the status of your application into the BK8 program, whether it has been accepted or rejected.

Before you join, note that is recommended and/or necessary to have a website, a blog, page or forum, with online gambling as its central theme. However, if you do not have a website, BK8 will then review cases on an individual basis.

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