With 91% of Singaporeans surfing regularly, the affiliate program is more than quadruple than it was 10 years ago. Pay heed if you want to go into affiliate marketing in Singapore. You’re halfway there if you learn how to choose decent products with a good compensation structure, particularly with affiliate programs in Singapore.

A low-cost way to make money on the internet is via affiliate marketing. You are not required to invest money or time in developing your service or product. Rather, you assist in selling current services and goods for all the other brands and enterprises, receiving a commission for every successful transaction.

You may get begun for as little as just a few hundred bucks by building a website. If you have a strong online following on social media, this will help promote related products and services to your target audience immediately.

If you’ve considered earning money through affiliate promotion in Singapore or are seeking affiliate programs with which to collaborate, then you are in the correct place. We have listed the affiliate programs of Singapore’s most well-known websites and companies.

This list will come in handy if you want to make money as an associate in Singapore.

Best Affiliate Programs in Singapore

1. ZALORA Affiliate Programs Singapore

ZALORA online store caters to all your needs to feel and look good. Customers may purchase hundreds of products throughout men and women clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and grooming categories exclusively at ZALORA, one of Singapore’s biggest online fashion sites. The cookie term for this programme is 30 days. The commission ranges from 5% for the existing clients to 12% for the new clients.

2. Lazada Affiliate Program Singapore

E-commerce portal Lazada offers an extensive range of products. Whether you operate a travel, lifestyle, or tech blog, Lazada has everything you need, from summer clothing to beauty products to high-end technological accessories and gadgets, as well as groceries and household appliances.

3. Sephora Affiliate Program Singapore

Sephora is among the most well-known cosmetic boutiques in the world. It is a very well-maintained retail store, famous among beauty fans worldwide, including in Singapore.

Moreover, Sephora is a leading online destination among customers wanting to purchase items from top makeup products like Kylie, Mac, and others, because of its brand recognition. Sephora’s affiliate program is ideal for makeup-related websites and social media profiles. Base commissions are 3%.

4. Reebonz Affiliate Program Singapore

A large selection of high-quality products are available at Reebonz, the most popular online retailer. Reebonz offers luxury accessibility by providing its members with a world of premium by merging an intriguing lineup that includes luxury brands, a simple shopping experience, and personalized services. A complimentary Reebonz subscription can be obtained at any moment. The cookie term for this programme is 30 days. The basic commission is 4%.

5. GoDaddy Affiliate Program Singapore

The greatest affiliate program is focused on high-demand items like domains, Webhosting, and web services. It pays well enough and provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions.

You’ll make a 10 to 15% commission solely on a single sale, depending on the material that your referrals choose. If the user has chosen a hosting package for the first time, you will receive a $100 incentive.

You gain a $25 incentive for returning customers who renew their plan. There are just 45 days left in the cookie’s shelf life. This is smack pretty much similar to other affiliate schemes.

6. AutoDesk Affiliate Program Singapore

AutoDesk is just the greatest 3D architectural and prototyping design software solution. If your target audience is an architect and somebody who works with 3D or engineering designs, AutoDesk will help them in their work, so you’ll earn a profit promoting it. It offers a six-month cookie life span. There is a 9% commission on all purchases.

7. Partridge Publishing Affiliate Program Singapore

Partridge-Publishing is a division of Penguin Publishing that assists authors in self-publishing their content. If you have a large readership of writers who want to promote their writing, you may recommend Partridge’s service. The percentage of commission is $100 per referral.

8. KKday Affiliate Program Singapore

Tourists may select and schedule various unusual activities on the KKday website, such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, undiscovered views, cooking lessons, and much more. The KKday site also offers traditional full-day excursions, tickets to key sights, and return flights, with extreme fun. The commissions range from 2% to 5%.

9. Razer Affiliate Program Singapore

Razer is one of the gaming companies based in Singapore, which has created waves in gaming groups worldwide. For those interested in the video games industry, Razer’s affiliate program may be a good fit. Once a user buys the product using your link or banner, you can earn up to 10% commission for each sale of Razer products.

10. SingSaver Affiliate Program Singapore

SingSaver is a tool for personal finance comparison in Singapore, offering free, efficient, and easy-to-use resources to support consumers to know about personal finance services in Singapore. The percentage of commissions varies here.

Final Thought

To earn money as an affiliate in Singapore (or anywhere else), you’ll need two things: a good offering and targeted traffic. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it does not need the development of any services or goods. We only need to know how to look for a decent product to advertise to generate money. For instance, Razer has many popular gaming products, so all you have to do is choose a solid product to sell.

After you’ve located a nice product, you’ll need to present it to the people who have an interest in purchasing it. You can use a variety of marketing tactics to increase traffic online. The most efficient traffic is the targeted audience, people who would like to buy the stuff you’re promoting. The most precisely focused traffic is the Search Results.

When someone uses search results to look for “prevent hair loss,” one can bet that they are looking for ways to prevent hair fall in oneself or anyone he knows. That’s the time to show this person your goods.

For those who looking for passive income, affiliate program is a good option. But before you dive headfirst, might need spend some time doing research and make some inquiries about the affiliate program.

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