9 Methods to Safely Earn Cryptocurrency

Let’s admit it, even though the cryptocurrency market is filled with uncertainty, we still want to get our hands on some crypto coins, because nobody wants to miss out on the chance to become the next millionaire when cryptocurrency spikes again.

We asked some cryptocurrency experts for their advice on how to earn crypto coins from the internet, in a safe manner, and here’s some useful tips.

Earn Cryptocurrency

1. Buy Crypto Coins

In life, the best way to own something is by buying it, same goes to cryptocurrency. You can always be a cryptocurrency owner by buying it yourself.

There are two major methods that can help you earn crypto coins, namely Bitcoin ATM and crypto exchanges. Either way will do, but keep in mind that both will have their pros and cons.

Bitcoin ATM is designed solely for Bitcoin, which tend to have high transaction fees but you will be able to receive your Bitcoin on the spot through cash or credit, while crypto exchanges offer you other crypto coin options and the transaction fees are usually lower than the Bitcoin ATM, the downside is that you’ll have to wait up to several weeks for the bank to release your crypto coins.

2. Crypto Mining

Of all methods to get free crypto coins, crypto mining is arguably the best way to obtain crypto coins. Well, it’s right and wrong at the same time. Yes, you’ll be able to get some crypto coins through crypto mining, but not all currencies are available for mining, and the process itself is far more complicated than the other methods.

Before you start mining, you have to understand that cryptocurrencies exists inside a protocol, and you, the miner have to use your computer to solve the complex mathematical equations that validate blocks of transactions.

The first person who managed to validate the blocks of transaction will receive crypto coins he/she validated.

Due to the complexity of mining, most people try this method by joining a mining network, where the rewards are split among the members.

3. Join A Few Airdrops To Get Free Crypto Coins

Some of us might not know what Airdrops is, simply put, when developers introduced a new cryptocurrency, they will give away coins to crypto investors as a complement to garner adoption, this action is known as Airdrops. And this is one of the best ways to get free crypto coins.

To be eligible for the free crypto coins, users are required to perform specific tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Follow social media account
  • Share post
  • Register an account on their platform
  • Download app

4. Earn Crypto Coins By Staking

Only currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be mined now. But there’s an alternative way to get other crypto coins, namely Staking.

Simply put, staking is a gambling-type-of-method, where the more crypto coins you have and put into staking, the higher the chance you’ll get to be selected to validate the transaction. Compared to mining, staking will be easier and faster.

It sounds simple right? But you will need to own a good number of crypto coins to really benefit from using this method.

5. Start Freelancing And Get Paid In Bitcoin

If you wish to earn crypto coins in the most tradition way — exchange it with your service. Work as a freelancer at cryptocurrency exchanges and get paid in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology created countless employment opportunities, and it’s a great start for those who want to start a career in this industry.

Another big plus is that you’ll be paid in the exact amount they promised as most of them don’t have any costs or transaction fees.

But bear in mind that it might be a little bit risky to solely accept Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as salary payment due to the volatility.

Here’s few options for those who want to start on this method:

  • Ethlance
  • Cryptocurrencyjob

6. Accept Crypto Payments

Ever dream to expand your e-commerce business to the international market? If your answer is yes, then you might want to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

It is no stranger that cryptocurrency is widely accepted in many countries and accepting cryptocurrency as payment is one of the most legitimate way to earn crypto coins, as well as grow your business.

It sounds difficult to accept cryptocurrency but it’s actually very easy to start, for e-commerce owners who run their business on Shopify, all you need to do is enable alternative payment in your account settings.

For e-commerce owners who run their business on WooCommerce, install one additional plugin, such as BitPay or CoinGate and set it up, then you’re off a good start on earn crypto coins. Keep in mind that Shopify allows its users to accept more than 300 types of crypto coins, while WooCommerce allows only 50.

7. Join A Network Of Publishers

Want to earn some free crypto coins through your non-e-commerce website? Not a problem, you can earn coins by letting cryptocurrency exchanges display their ads on your website.

It could be a good start for those who own a website but wonders how to earn crypto since there’s no way crypto-related businesses can advertise through any Google networks.

By providing a platform for the cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise, you will get paid in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

8. Gambling With Cryptocurrency Bonuses

Many industries are starting to embrace cryptocurrency, including the gambling industry. They do this by accepting cryptocurrency as payment and offering bonuses to players using cryptocurrencies. You can earn crypto coins by using that bonus to play on the platform and withdraw the coins once you achieved the required amount for withdrawal. Of course, you can also continue playing if you’re feeling lucky.

This is a pretty good option for those who wants to earn crypto coins in a more relaxing manner.

But keep in mind that if you want to get free crypto through this method, you need to choose the right platform to begin with, so that you can earn crypto coins safely. For those who are interested, you may try BK8.com – one of the most trusted platforms in the world.

9. Affiliate Program

One way to get free crypto coins without investing money is through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are easy to understand, you just need to refer customers to buy a product or service on the platform and you’ll get paid out once the transaction is completed and deemed valid.

Take for example, you refer Anthony to BK8. He creates an account and starts playing. BK8 will reward you by giving you a percentage of his gaming fees.

It is important to know that every affiliate program has their own revenue sharing duration. For instance, Coinbase limits revenue sharing to three months while BK8 pay its user for a lifetime.

Although it may feel relatively slower than the other methods, this is still considered as one of the most high-return ways to earn crypto coins, given that you manage to refer a lot of customers to the website.

Final thoughts

After getting a general idea on how to earn crypto coins, you might wonder where you can spend your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Check out our next article, 9 Major Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency to learn more about that, to learn more.

You may also check out BK8, the biggest and most trusted online gambling platform, to start earning you first Bitcoins. Their crypto bonuses and affiliate program will give you a good start.

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